That is how many watts we got in the competition "100-wattaren". In the international category we won the highest price, 100 watts. The jurys decision was "By replacing hand grenades with teddy bears, the campaign got the whole gaming community's attention. By selling clothes in the same user interface the case knocked the jury. Clever move by the agency. Brave by Björn Borg. Gamification at it's best. Hat off for Björn Borg with the campaign First Person Lover who wins this years 100-wattare".

Our other grand price winner was in the category "Non-Profit" where our campaign "Abused Emojis" for BRIS won the 100-watts. This is how the jury calculated:

"When a subject gets too hard to talk about it can be easier to do it with pictures. Pictures that almost everyone of us use daily instead of using words. With a great insight and a modern way to communicate the campaign reached an exposed target group and gave them a new way to communicate about a big and important subject. This years 100-watts goes to a moving and well executed campaign that has attracted international media attention, increased donations to exposed children and left a big emotional impression in both the youth and adult world. This years 100-watts goes to Abused Emojis."

Abused Emojis also recieved the 50-watts price in the category "Non profit - Single". This year we had six nominations including customers Netonnet, Synoptik and Barncancerfonden.

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