Visual Identity



SOVA, Sweden’s leading bed retailer, tasked Garbergs to help revitalize their brand. Their brief to us was to defend their premium position as a reliable and knowledgeable provider of high-quality beds, on a market where quick & cheap has increasingly become the norm. As part of their new brand concept, Invest In Your Sleep, we decided that the new design should follow and reflect SOVA’s core brand ambition: to combat poor sleep caused by low-quality beds.

After a respectful update of the most recognizable asset, SOVA’s 30 year-old logo, our visual foundation was built using shapes, colors and elements from the old logotype to create a new visual universe and identity for the brand. Whilst respecting the past, a contemporary refurb of SOVA’s graphical elements helped to convey the very core values of the brand’s new ambition: To be an enlightened and caring bed retailer, in an otherwise drowsy and indifferent industry.

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