A different way of refueling




St1 is Sweden’s leading provider of motor fuel provided through unmanned filling stations.


Make people curious enough to try St1 at least once. One visit is enough for the Cheaper, Faster and Simpler advantages to speak for themselves.


Promoting “A different way of refueling” with self-confidence and more emotional and surprising arguments than those of the competitors.


Increased market share by 14% (goal 8%), brand preference by 25% (goal 15%) and sales by 23 million litres (goal 15 million litres).

Meat Loaf

22 years after the hit “I’d Do Anything for Love (But I Won’t Do That)”, Meat Loaf FINALLY explains what he won’t do for love.

A different way of refueling

In this year’s campaign for St1, we highlight all the benefits when it comes to unmanned refueling. Everyone already knows that you save time and money so we put the focus on the different upsides of being alone for a little while. For example when you’ve just eaten pea soup.

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