Independent since 1987

Garbergs was founded upon a core ambition: being the agency that attracts the most talented and forward thinking people. Today, we unite employees, entrepreneurs and clients, who believe in the transformative power of communication. Through our 30+ years of independence, we still possess the freedom to be fast-moving without any restrictions.

Strategy & Research

Our business is fundamentally about increasing value through creativity. To achieve that, we create solutions on proven consumer motivations based on rigorous strategic experience and proprietary analytics. We are also fully equipped to provide our clients with new market research and brand tracking studies to better evaluate, understand and realize the potential of their business.


Garbergs has a long history of constantly creating, managing and evolving effective communication platforms for our clients. Combining our traditional roots with progressive digital capabilities, we are well familiar with how a strong idea well executed can reach far beyond budget limitations.


As part of our collective service, Garbergs offer a full-service design department. They work hand-in-glove with our advertising department, offering everything from corporate identity programs, design toolkits to more complex motion design and specific creative materials needed for our clients integrated communication efforts. The offering also includes artwork for music artists.


From grand, cinematic storytelling to tactical, price-product spots, our film department exist to set your brand in commercial motion. With speed, efficiency and agility, our teams always deliver outstanding productions with technical skills, artistic ambition and personal dedication.