Kids Online – A Parent’s Guide




Bris (Children´s Rights in Society) and Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia’s Foundation have joined forces to make this book – a guide to empower and support you as a parent to talk to your child about what happens online.

The truth is, most kids actually want to talk to a grown-up about their online experiences. But many of them think that you wouldn’t understand. Kids and teens worry about things online they feel parents don’t have a clue about. They might also fear getting blamed for things that have happened, especially if they have done something they know their parents are concerned about. Parents, on the other hand, often feel they are lacking in knowledge about new apps or trends. This gap between kids and grown-ups is the biggest hurdle to conversation. And that’s what we want this book to change.

To make this book, we’ve consulted the true online experts: kids and teens who use the internet every day. They’ve shared their wisdom and everyday anecdotes, told us about what they think is fun and good, what they like and dislike. The book also brings up the things that are not so good, sometimes even tough and difficult. All of it compiled from interviews with kids and teens between 10 and 18 years old. But also from research, children’s conversations with Bris and personal stories that children have sent to the Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia’s Foundation website

In fact, the everyday lives of kids and teens online aren’t that different from their everyday lives offline. Online life is mostly about ordinary things like hanging out with friends, doing homework, watching movies or YouTube clips. But one thing is for certain: kids want their parents close and present. Also online.

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